How much is it to hire a photo booth?

We offer a 3 hour package which costs £295. As part of this package, we will attend your event along with at least 2 booth attendants. Your guests will receive a photo instantly on the night and you will also receive a USB stick with all of the images taken, which will be delivered in the days that follow the event. Further information can be found here.

Please note: We operate on a first PAY first BOOK basis. A booking is not confirmed until we are in receipt of a paid deposit and signed agreement form. Until then, any date remains open and available for booking.

What optional extras do you offer?

Want to be extra fancy? We have a number of optional extras available to make your event even more awesome. A guest book is our most popular addition. For this, we print an additional copy of every photograph and stick it in a book for your guests to leave a personalised message, making a special event even more special. 

'Double Prints' is simply where we print an additional copy of every photo taken in the booth and keep it to one side to give you at the end of the event. This means you get a physical copy of each photo rather than just the standard USB stick. 

Other optional extras include additional USB sticks, Custom wraps and Custom Prints (see image below).

A custom print is an ideal way to personalise the Photo Booth for your event.

A custom print is an ideal way to personalise the Photo Booth for your event.


How good are your photos and prints?

We use a professional DSLR camera to ensure a top quality photograph. Not only that, we print your images using a top of the range Dye-Sublimination printer ensuring a sharp, glossy product.


How Good Are Your Photos And Prints?

We use a professional DSLR camera to ensure a top quality photograph. Not only that, we print your images using a top of the range Dye-Sublimination printer ensuring a sharp, glossy product.


What Colour Are Your Photo Booths?

Our photo booth is glossy black (have a look in our gallery). But if this doesn't appeal to your tastes, then we have the capability to change the colour and branding to your own preference.


Can Your Booths Be Decorated Or Themed?

The Picture House Company will be more than happy to help you decorate or theme the booths to your desired tastes. With our creative team on hand, we can help you provide a personal touch. We aim to make any event enjoyable and as memorable as can be.


How Much Space Is Needed For The Booth?

Our booth measures 8ft in length, 5ft in width and 6ft 6' in height. However some extra space would be needed to present your chosen props to the guests at the chosen event. An electrical supply close to the booth set up is also mandatory, enabling us to power up the technology in the booth.


How Many People Can Fit Inside The Booth?

The suggested amount is four people at any time. Any more than 4 can be a squash and the last thing anybody wants is for you to look squashed and uncomfortable on your photo prints.


Do You Supply Props?

We supply a wide variety of props to enhance the enjoyment of the photo booth experience. Why not give your nan a moustache (unless she already has one), a Stetson for your uncle or a clip on mouth for your mother. The options page back on the home page of the website gives you a clearer idea of the options available.


Who Looks After The Booth?

Two members of our team will be present during the times you have specified for the hiring of the booth. The two attendants manning the booth prefer to arrive at the specified venue an hour before your stated time, this is to enable the team to be located in position and give the attendants time to set up the equipment. The attendants are there to make sure everything runs smoothly during the hire and are on hand to help and answer any questions.


Insurance And Safety

We're glad to report that we are covered with Public Liability insurance. 


Put Up Time?

The booth generally takes 45 minutes to assemble. Although as a team we do like to arrive at a venue an hour before our specified hire time. This enables us to make sure everything is perfect, before your group or party can enjoy the photo booth experience.


Can You Put Up The Photo Booth Earlier In The Day And Return Later To Man The Equipment?

Yes of course. Contacting our team and briefing them on any issues or requirements you may need for the event is encouraged. We want to make your event as special and stress free as possible.


How Long Do We Get To Use The Booth For?

The package you have opted for will determine the length of time. We have a 3 hour package and a 4 hour package on our booking form, but as mentioned before we are willing to listen to any of your issues, requirements or requests.


How Many Photos Are Included During Hire Time?

We offer an unlimited amount of prints on any given event. As an optional extra, you might want to double up on prints and have a guestbook created for you to keep as a reminder of your special day.

At the end of the event, all the photos are packaged and delivered to you on a USB stick, so you can view and reprint the images again and again as you wish.  


How Big Are The Prints?

The prints are 6x4 inches.


Can We Have Colour Or Black And White Prints?

We have a range of different styles to choose from. Whether you prefer black and white or bright colours on show, we aim to give you the option so you can design your photo experience to your own tastes.


Digital Copy Of Images?

A USB stick will be given to you after your event. This will provide you with a full catalogue of memories from your special day. This will of course help you find photos that are hidden gems, particularly funny ones or sentimental ones that will be captured forever.


Can Your Guests View The Images After The Event?

Absolutely. We can provide a password protected gallery for you to share amongst friends and family, featuring all of the photos from your event. From here, your guests can even order prints for themselves.


Facebook Upload Option?

If you wish, the images from your event can be uploaded to our facebook page the following day after an event. From here, you can share, tag and like amongst friends and re-live the shenanigans all over again.


Guest Book?

One of our added options is a guest book. Why let your guests have all the fun by keeping all the prints when you can have a duplicate copy put into a high quality guest book for you to keep. This can be a nice little keepsake for you to take away after your event.

How Do We Book?

Either fill out an enquiry form on our website, or simply e-mail us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


Payment Details?

For the benefit of the customer we keep things as simple as possible. Therefore we include online transfer details (BACS) on all of our invoices. If you are a bit more old school we can also accept cheques.



We have various backdrops available for you. If you check out our options page you can identify some that you may like. Alternatively if there is a certain backdrop to your preference don't hesitate to contact us and let us know what you fancy.


Any Request?

We’re here to make your event as special as possible, so please don’t hesitate in requesting any special requirements.


How To Order Extras?

If there are any extras you require for your event such as the guest book or a different backdrop, just simply tell us in your enquiry form or pop us an email telling us of your needs.


How Do We Contact You?

For formal enquiries our email address is thepicturehouseco@gmail.com

Alternatively contact us through any of our social media channels. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just search ‘thepichouseco’ to find us. OR, simply fill out an enquiry form and we'll get back to you in a jiffy.


Any Questions?

Any Questions?